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2019 plan-to-plan changes.
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We know AEP can be busy and we want to help you spend your time where it matters most - growing and getting new sales. That’s why Humana will be sending Members in select markets letters encouraging them to call Telesales to learn about other plan offerings in their service area. You can expect calls from clients who want your advice. Get prepared now in three simple steps.




The 2019 Plan Change Interactive Map. Use the map to find out what plans are affected in your area. And then click through to get exactly the details you need.


The Vantage Job Aid. Log into Vantage, visit the new My Business Center and click on the Job Aid. It’ll show you how to get instant visibility into all the plan changes for your book of business.


The Humana Plan-To-Plan Transitions Webinar. On Sept. 27, there will be two opportunities to watch a webinar that’ll cover the plan-to-plan changes for 2019 and how to use My Business Center on Vantage to determine which of your clients were affected




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