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Grow your book of business with dental and vision plans


A whole-health approach starts from the top, with healthy eyes and teeth. Selling Humana’s Individual Dental and Vision plans can be a great way to help your clients maintain their whole health.


Plus, offering these plans allows you to be a one-stop shop for consumers at any time of the year. You can expand your prospect list to people of all ages which may help grow your business and increase your Medicare pipeline. Your year-round sales will thank you.


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Humana has dental and vision plans designed to fit consumer’s needs and budget. Check out the plan(s) now available in your area:


[State plan info]

[State plan info]

[State plan info]

Learn more about dental and vision plans in your state, plus find plan overviews and rate sheets with the Individual Dental and Vision Agent Plan Grid.


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Give your clients something to smile about

Many people are living without dental and vision coverage. You can help them get it. Provide prospects with the perks of dental and vision plans, including:

Thriving whole health with healthy teeth and eyes

Preventive care coverage to avoid major issues down the line

Coverage for major services, depending on the plan

Affordable plan options to help maintain their teeth, eyes and budgets

Plans with shorter waiting periods to help people with urgent needs

Don’t let prospects miss out on all the benefits of dental and vision coverage.



Discover the must-know dental and vision info


Want a quick overview to help you sell dental and vision plans? Discover this Individual Dental and Vision plan executive summary to take your dental and vision sales up a notch. Get an overview on plans, find sales strategies and learn how to improve your member retention. Find the summary in Spanish as well.


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